Tuesday, December 05, 2006

It's time to go....

Well I am sad to say that my parents are leaving tomorrow. It has been a joy to have them, they came on Oct 28th. It has been really fun, they were here for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Caleb's birthday, and just tonight Christmas decorating. They helped me complete so many projects babysitting, rearranging the boys toys and clothes, painting the interior, cleaning garage, creating a guest room, cleaning all closets, tile the entry way, curtains in boys rooms, cook, and so much more! I think they have to go home to have a vacation. Thanks so much guys, we love you!

Caleb is Four!!!


Caleb could not wait for his Pirate Birthday. He didn't just have a birthday party he had a birthday weekend. Saturday we went to H2Oasis. Grandma and Papa liked it just as much as the Caleb and Luke. Then we had a birthday party with our friends on Sunday. We had a treasure hunt and a pinata. We finished it all off with a peice of pirate cake, Jarrett created it himself. It was a great party with Yo Ho Yo Ho Its a Pirate Life for Me in the backgound the whole time!!!

Oh and the best part was the adults who dress up as pirates! Way to go Tony and Rene!