Monday, June 07, 2010

Eli is getting so old!

Eli is getting so old.... I mean a mustache and everything.....

He cracked me up when he showed this to me, he thought he was so funny. I only let you guess what the adhesive was that keep that little gem of a mustache in place!!

Never a dull moment!

Love & facial hair,

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Reflection Lake

We had a great Sunday drive with our buddies they are so adventurous!
We headed to Hatcher's, the Butte, Old Glenn, then Reflection Lake.

Caleb & Eli..... are they sweet.... if you only knew;)

This spot was so beautiful that Caleb thought he should pose for a photo.... he's a real natural!

Eli was fascinated with the Knik River.... Twin Peaks in the background

Ahhhh the little buddies.... Eli has picked this flower for me... he insist I put it in my hair...."Put it in your hair mommy."

Boys... can they ever resist throwing rocks?

Monday, May 31, 2010

Mat Peak Trail

We tried out the family friendly Mat Peak trail. It was beautiful. We had lots of stops along the way.......

Like for Eli and Luke to enjoy the view and eat their smoked salmon & cream cheese bagels.

OR for the boys to stop and whittle with their pocket knives.

Eli gave the trip a two thumbs up..... I would too if Jarrett carried me :)


I miss my blog! I miss keeping my electronic journal. I love to review our little trips, thoughts, & milestones. So after some gentle encouragement, thanks Kiana, the blog is to be renewed. I will be back dating, it is my secret way to drive any readers crazy, but really, it helps me keep my crazy life in some chronological order..... so bear with me.

Love and the end of writer's block,

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Luke's Preschool Graduation

Luke graduated from preschool today. He really wanted to wear his papa's tie and look fancy for graduation. He was so excited. He did a gread job of sing and performing. He sang exceptionally loud and used his creative license to lead the class on verses out of order... it was so cute. He smiled the whole time. His teachers complimented him on always being helpful and making good choices!! Those are great qualities, Luke!

Luke & Miss Cindy

Luke & Miss Sharon

Luke and his great smile.

Monday, May 24, 2010

First Trip Butte Trip 2010

We made our annual beginning of the summer pilgrimage up the Butte. The boys are getting so big they practically run up the trail.... except for Eli who claims his leg hut if he wants more than 50 yards. So I guess I am not quite ready to retire the big blue Kelty yet. I can't imagine the day.....

Eli is the little speck on the top left. Caleb is trying to look as if he has the mountain in his hands and Luke is just being feisty.

I had the boys convinced that if they all put their hands on the marker at the same time that they would release "the force" .... Yes, Star Wars is going strong at our house right now!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Luke Graduates from Preschool

Luke had a great big smile the whole time~

Luke & Miss Sharon

Luke & Miss Cindy

We wrapped the celebration at Moose's Sub's. Luke insisted on wearing his graduation hat to celebrate.... he received may compliments. What a nice community. THEN we went and visited his new elementary school, where his new principal gave him a tour of the whole school. Luke is sure he will love it there!

Friday, May 07, 2010

Caleb's 1st Grade Field Trip

I had the pleasure of volunteering for Caleb's walking field trip it was a great walk, field day activities & pizza. Ms. Spindler was in charge of tag. She sure has a lot of energy.

Caleb had a great time & his friends never miss a photo opt.

Ms. Spindler was a great teacher kind, caring, professional and always positive. Thanks for a great first grade year, Ms. Spindler!