Monday, June 30, 2008

Eklutna Camping Trip

We took the boys camping at one of our favorite spots Eklutna Lake. It was a great time we hiked around the lake and the boys threw tons of rocks.

Baby Eli decided he did not appreciate camping and screamed until about 11pm refusing to go to sleep.

Luke woke up bright and early and announced to the whole campground that that he was looking for " Squeaky" the squirrel that lived in the tree in our camp spot. You could hear Luke yelling, "Squeaky, where are you?"
"Oh, there you are, come here Squeaky!"

We walked around the lake and the boys decided it was so hot they had to remove their shirts, Corgan Style. Anyways they were so cute, they hugged and then Luke told Caleb he wanted to marry him. They are so sweet.

Jarrett is getting fit for sheep season, he woke up early and ran ten miles around the lake. I wish I could do that!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

He Finally Said It!!

I am a very patient woman......but this little guy was breaking me down. All he would say was Da Da Da Da, he has been saying it for months. I rehearse Ma Ma Ma Ma, then he looks me straight in the eye and says, Da Da Da, all with a smile.
Sooo, he finally said Ma Ma Ma. My patience have been rewarded.
Love and baby babble,

Monday, June 09, 2008

Eli and His Tricks!

Eli is just ten months now. He is VERY busy. He managed to get into the powdered sugar while mom was distracted. I should have learned by now if it is quiet, there is sure to be trouble to follow.

So at ten months Eli is:

  • crawling fast as lightening
  • has five teeth
  • has sweet fuzzy hair
  • stands on his own
  • walks along anything he can hold onto
  • eats anything he can hold onto
  • climbs up on everything
  • is able to back down the stairs and even gets off the bed ( We always say, "Turn around and go down")
  • is very friendly with everyone
  • giggles
  • gives the cuddliest hugs(he actually wraps his arms all the way around you).
  • Best of all he watches his older brothers

We are truly blessed.

Love and Sugar Tooth,