Saturday, July 30, 2005

New Boat???

It was a rainy day here so what do you do on a rainy day? Shop....We have our friends here so they wanted to go shopping for a boat. Okay that sounds great, so we found one in the paper and went to take a look at it. It was two hours away and in a peculiar little town of Whitter. Just to get there you have to pay $12 to go through the 2.5 mile tunnel. All the way through the tunnel we kept saying what if..... there was an earthquake, what if.... there was. So we found the the boat and it was really fun to look at so we'll see what they plan to do.

This morning when I was in the shower, Caleb says to Jarrett, "Daddy will you take brother to the man village?" He just watched Jungle Book and really liked it but sending his brother to the "man village" that's a little much! Sometimes I feel like I live in a man village.

Love & Road trips,

Friday, July 29, 2005

Free Babysitting

I love days like this, when friends come over and you eat and just laugh about all the experiences you have had in the past.

Caleb went to his aunt Stacey's today.... Those two are something else, Caleb makes himself right at home by digging in the cupboards and Stacey has such a great way with him! We love the free babysitting! Thanks

Met with our financial advisor today... looks like we will be setting more goals, it will be a good thing. We are already saving money on the babysitting.

Love and visitors,

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Drills & Thrills

Yes! I went to the dentist today and I got a clean bill of dental health! My dentist is so funny an older man who is deeply philosophical, in a funny way, and thinks soda is going to the detriment of society.

Luke and I were playing with Jarrett after Caleb went to bed and he gave this great smile, hope you enjoy it we do! Did you know that they recommend you wipe out your babies mouth after each feeding! Wow I am about 3 1/2 months behind on that!

Caleb had a friend over. He always likes the idea but when it comes to the time to actually have them here and share his toys it takes him a little time to adjust and a few time outs. Hee Hee... but once he gets into the sharing mode he is in heaven with a partner in crime!

Speaking of partners in crime, I got Stacey to get up and go to the gym at 7am.... Good job Stac! It didn't hurt as much today and when you are giggling it makes the time go by faster. Every time I start to whine Stacey makes a funny comment like image you are lifting your suitcase for your cruise and it is loaded with bikinis, I haven't worn a bikini since the sixth grade!

Love & One piece swimsuits

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Gotta Love Baths!

This evening was Lukes first adventure in the tub with big brother! He sat in this niffty little chair (thanks Jenn) that allowed him to sit up and enjoy the water and sucking on his brothers arm. Isn't it amazing how slippery a little baby can be? He loved it and Caleb thought it was pretty cool too!

If your wondering about the bandaid on Caleb's head it is covering the bump from the handle of the vice he pulled down on himself. He's fine, because bandaids fix everything! He sure is a busy boy.

We went to the rifle range today. Jarrett had to sight in his new and improved rifle... I know what your saying because I am saying it too. ANOTHER rifle. But anyways, please remind me that I don't enjoy going to the range with two fussy kids and sitting in the truck for an hour and a half! This is Jarrett's hobby he should be able to enjoy it peacefully. The range isn't always bad, it is a good time to read magizines or knit, but I think I will give it a break for a while.

Love and messy houses,

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Party anyone?

I went to a great spa party tonight we soaked our feet and ate great snacks! Thanks, Sarah! It is fun to get out and visit with the girls and chat! Went to the gym started some express work out thing. Yeah, that is mistitled! It should be called slow torture. But I agree with the theory if I take the time to go to the gym then I should get the most of it, not just watch TV while on the treadmill. But I like the treadmill and we don't have cable.

Luke found his toes tonight and played with a little toy all while I was at the spa party. It always seems to happen when I'm not looking. Caleb has become quite the story teller, he likes to tell stories of Buzzlightyear to his little brother who just smiles. What a pair!

Just got a letter from our buddies in CA and looks like we are all goin' on a cruise to the Mexcian Rivera. Should be fun, just have to figure out what to do with the kidlets!

Love and snorkeling,

Monday, July 25, 2005


My sister-in-law told me today a way to create or change habits is to involve other people. So I have to say I am so glad I involved her with my excerise program. Today when it was 8pm and I hadn't done my work out and I didn't want to, she showed up and encouraged me. Thanks Stac your the best and we are glad you have decided to stay in AK.

Summers in Alaska are the best but can be very challenging with young children. It stays light here until at least midnight right now. So I am embarassed to say Caleb has been going to sleep around 11 each night. Tonight I put him down before I went for my run and what do you know when I returned he was in bed but far from asleep. He is now learning funny little tricks to stay up later, like mommy I want to hold you.... who can resist that little voice... and then I hear what everyone with grown children tell you.... cherish the moments they will be gone before you know it. SO I am a babywise failure right now, but my boy wants to snuggle and I'm sure that won't last forever. :Luke on the other hand when he is not smiling he is sleeping... I must cherish the moments of naps too, for my sanity!

Love & People who motivate us!

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Isn't it fitting??

Isn't it fitting that today we went to church with our friends and what do you know was the topic..... Gluttony.... you know where you worship food more than God. You think about your next meal or dessert more than your God. Isn't that a fitting topic after I was caught sneaking chocolate.

I've noticed since I've began my blog it has motivated me to do different things so I can write about them. I felt this way when I would scrapbook too. I would say let's have a BBQ, I want to take pics and do a page because I just got the cutest BBQ stickers. So is this good or bad I really don't know, however we are a lot of fun trying to fill our days.

Today we went on a mini train ride. There are these people who love trains and have created a whole miniature track that they allow the public to take rides on for a small $3 fee. They are a non profit and just love the railroad. I believe they call themselves train enthusiast. Caleb and Luke loved it. They are currently working on a Thomas Engine, it isn't quite ready but a very nice man resembling Santa pushed him out so Caleb could check him out and a photo opt.

Interestingly enough there was a lady who's whole arms were covered in very colorful tatoos and the bees would not leave her alone. Who knew bees are attracted to brightly colored ink under the flesh.. Hee Hee.

We finished the day off with a bike ride. Bike trailers for kids great invention. Husband to pull it even better!

Love and aching leg muscles

Saturday, July 23, 2005


I was caught red handed! Not only was I caught but I was challenged by my husband to post the whole incident on my blog. He said I dare you to post this, so here it is.

Since I have had Luke I am a little chubbier than usual so I have been trying to slim down. I have just started a running program with Stacey that is called "From the couch to a 5K". I already messed it up when I was on vacation dip netting, so here I go again but of course I am waiting until Monday to start. With the excerise comes eating right, so we have been working on eating right, but for some reason I just can't shake the craving for sugar after a meal. This is where the CAUGHT part comes in .... Today after a healthy lunch I was talking to Jarrett while trying to conceal I was partaking in the last stash of sugar in the house. I knew he noticed, I thought he would let me pass but he didn't he asked what I was eating and I had to admit I was so desparate that I had a handful of chocolate chips. He laughed then told me to throw them away it was the first step.... You know they say the first step is the hardest and throwing away perfectly good chocolate chips was very difficult considering I was enjoying the sugar high!

So I think the key for me is to have all my meals planned out so I am using the krafts food website it is very helpful... we'll see. So here is my blog for the day not a cute story of the kiddos but the beginning of a huge challenge to myself and I guess the more people I tell about it the more commited I will be ....

Okay, honey I posted it!
Love & healthy lifestyles

Friday, July 22, 2005

Sherpa ~ Flattop

I have never really thought of myself as a sherpa before but the comments of fellow hikers today confirmed I am well on my way.... I carried Luke up to the top of Flattop. As if I need anything extra to hike up this mountain. Jarrett had Caleb and Stacey was there to help us keep the whole expedition together. It was a fun hike and little challenging with stairs, switch backs and rock climbing, but well worth the work once you see the view of Anchorage. Jarrett had Caleb in his hunting pack and you could barely see him it was funny to see people pass, then take a second look at the whole set up! After I carried my camera all the way to the top I discovered the batteries were dead so I can only offer this link of Flattop. Love & Backpacks

Thursday, July 21, 2005

We're Back

Well we made it back from our dip netting trip. We had a great time got to catch up with friends and fill the freezer. After a few days in Kenai we went down to Homer and it was gorgous, Caleb loved the ocean. Homer has a cool new vistor center and from there you can walk down to the tide pools if you plan it right at low tide. Of course, we were flying by the seat of our pants so we were there at high tide. It totally reminded me of my college days on the northern coast of California. The trip wrapped up when it began to rain, the camper gets very small in the rain when you have watched all the movies and your 2 1/2 year old is trying to fly!
Love & sand in your shoes

Wednesday, July 13, 2005


Today I found out what UTI stands for and not by choice. Caleb has a urinary track infection, he is very uncomfortable, it is unusual for boys to get UTI so after he is treated for it we are going to have some precautionary test completed. On August 3rd he will have an ultra sound of his kidneys and then have a test where they put dye in his bladder and then he has to pee it out while they watch. This should all be really interesting with a 2 1/2 year old. Poor guy but he is already in much better spirits.

This afternoon while on the way home from the doctors, I told Caleb he had to take his snooze then when he woke up we would go get daddy at the airport SO he said, " Mommy, I'll sleep in my carseat." Then he pretended he was asleep by saying "Hook Shoo , Hook Shoo" Five seconds later he said "I'm awake let's go get daddy." I only wish it was that easy.

Today, I smoked my first batch of salmon, it was quite a process I would share it with you but I am sworen to secrecy by a crazy fish woman. It taste very good, if I do say so myself.

Each day is like Christmas~ all those "presents" to enjoy

Love and salmon breath,

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Prep for Slaying Salmon

Well I am tuckered... I have been running like crazy getting ready to go on one of my favorite trips of the summer... dipnetting on the Kenai. Dipnetting is my idea of fishing. You float down the Kenai River with a huge net over the side and you catch those bad boys, no hook, no stabbing a little worm or tying the secrect fishing knot! You pull fish in with your net and toss them in the boat, bleed them, kill them, and mark their tail... then get your net back in the water.... because a wise ole' fisherman once told me you can't catch fish if you net isn't in the water. This is a great mixture of physical activity, socializing, and slime. The fun ends when you get back to camp and have to fillet all the fish and vaccum pack them. Our family can catch 45 fish. This year my dear husband will be there to join the other 25 of us from church, he'll love it!

Love and fish slime

Monday, July 11, 2005

North to Alaska

As I was driving to Anchorage today to go to Costco and REI, I was thinking about what I wanted to put into my blog today and I passed a camper from Illinos and in the back of the dirty window was a a poster that said "North to Alaska". It made me laugh and I gave the guy a wave and then I realized that I was very fortuante to live in a beautiful land the only thing that would make it better would be if all our friends and family were here.

Today was a very successful day in potty training with Caleb, he had the big BM in the toliet. He just said, "Mom I have to go" and he went into the bathroom and went. He returned to the bathroon two minutes later to finish the job and informed me that he would like to be alone and have the door locked.

Out of the first four of my blog enteries two are about poop, please don't fret this is not a trend, I will clean it up.

Love and saving $ on diapers,


I have changed the settings on my blog and now anyone can leave a comment. I look forward to hearing from you!

Love & New settings,

Sunday, July 10, 2005

All American Sunday

Today we attempted to have the All American Sunday. Church ( Caleb made it through the whole service, thanks to Gary and Lyndia), BBQ and topped it all off with a good ole' baseball game. The BBQ was great until our new free BBQ ran out of gas (thanks Jenn), had to finish it up in the oven. The baseball game was good a little windy but when isn't it windy in Palmer.
We watched the Miners our local semi-pro team. Caleb wore his baseball hat and had his "mitten" ready to catch a ball. He even got into the cheering... saying "here we go Danielle, here we go" I guess Daniel will understand. Luke enjoyed the game from his stroller where he slept.

I am working on decorating my landry/craft room, I just finished painting and now looking for accessories. What would life be like without accessories???

Love & Hard benches,

Saturday, July 09, 2005

Moose Dropping Festival

Today I begin my blog to document all the crazy adventures I get to experience as a wife, mother, friend and Alaskan. So today we went to Moose Dropping Festival, where else in the world do they have a festival around the fecies of an animal? I have to admit it was a great time. We started the morning by watching the 5K fun run and decided that we should participate next year. Then onto the parade it was short and sweet and just when you thought it was over they came right back up main street. Finished it off by checking out crafts and listening to live music on the grass. We enjoyed it all the sunshine and fun.

Did you know a regular stroller can hold a 19lb infant and a 39lb toddler. Luke rides inside and Caleb navigates from the front foot rest, we are quite a sight. Caleb love parades he loves the candy and he is great at waving, even when floats aren't passing his hand is cocked in the air waving slowly. Luke slept though most of it until the sirens went off, he handled it well as usual with a smile.

Love and moose poop,