Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Ah, Nuts... Eli!

Well, it was bound to happen... & leave it to baby Eli to be allergic to nuts.  We aren't sure which nuts he is allergic to since he was eating a variety of nuts.  

The doctor's office told Jarrett to give him benedryl and go to the hospital parking lot  and wait so if  the swelling didn't go down he could get him to the emergency room asap. 

There is never a shortage of crazy activity around this house!

Love & the nutty boy,

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Jarrett has entered blog-land

I am so excited Jarrett has started his own hunting blog.  You can check out right here.

Love and blogging husbands,

Sunday, January 11, 2009

I've been tagged.

I've been tagged by my fried Jill, I think that I have to post the fourth picture in my fourth folder.  Haven't done one of these before so here it goes!

hee... hee... this is photo of my wonderful husband and one of his black bears.  Pretty funny.  This black bear now presides in our living room.  You have to love taxidermy.

I tag Jen, Tanya, & Jolene.

Love and hunting husbands, 

Summer Memories

So when it is so chilly out I have to remind myself of the times when it was warmer.  Since I took a six month break I have lots to back blog, so I will begin with a summer trip to the cabin.  It was great.  Super fun!!  I was so excited that our kids would have some of the same fun lake memories I have from growing up.  We stayed a week and just hung out, ate, fished, water skied, jet skied, knee boarded, and enjoyed the sandy beach.

I also had to post this for my friend Jill who lives in Florida and asked.... Do you have to wear winter clothes all the time? Well, Jill,  not quite all the time but we pretty much wear layers all the time.   I go to her blog for my summer fix. 

Our cabin neighbors are the best they have all the toys and love to share.  Better yet, they love to teach others how to have fun.  That's how Caleb (5) learned to water ski and knee board.  Caleb and Luke(3) both loved to ride the "Stable Mable"  behind the water ski.  

I loved the day that Luke fell asleep on the beach, he was just laying there playing then next thing we knew he was asleep with sand stuck to his face.   Eli (11 months) would fall asleep, we took the pack and play, he would nap.  It was a great restful week.

Love and warm sandy beaches,

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Learning something new in 2009!

So in an effort to keep my mind and body active I signed up for kayaking classes.  When you think of  kayaking in Alaska it generally isn't during the winter.  However, I  and my buddy who I drug along, are taking lessons in our local pool.  Last night was our first lesson and we learned a lot.... parts of the boat, paddling strokes, wet exits, and the T rescue.  So I look forward to learning and practicing more.

The kayaks are stored outside, so it was funny to have the instructor pulling out pieces of ice before telling me to jump in.   It was fun and I look forward to next week..... the eskimo roll!

Love & frozen kayaks,

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

To Freezing and beyond!

So I had to take a photo of the thermometer in our car.  It is still really chilly, I know it is much colder in other parts of the state but Yikes!!!!

It is amazing that each time Jarrett comes home from work the boys are so excited and all they want to do is wrestle.  Even Eli (1.5) I think it is all the testosterone.  

Love & Layers and Layers of clothes,

Monday, January 05, 2009

Thanks! I love my new header!

Here is to my buddy Jolene and her beautiful header she made for me.  

Love and beautiful views from you porch,

Freezing, Fun, Free, & Friends

We have been freezing our tails off here.  It's been -30F & now the wind has start in...... Oh, Alaska in the winter. 

This is the only the second time I have seen -30.   Needless to say it has been to cold to play, so we jumped at the chance to go a client appreciation event compliments of our wonderful friend and finaical advisor Rene.  It was a free movie and snacks.   How fun is that?

Then we wrapped it all up with  a visit to the boys favorite playground~ Ant's.  The house were the boys rule!

Love and great friends near and far, 

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year!!! Bring on 2009

Hello to all~

How could I let one of my favorite pastimes go by the wayside?  It's easy really, 
  • time goes by fast
  • computers get slower 
  • USB cords get lost
  • kids.... do I have to say anymore?  
So here it is 2009 and I am trying to get back on the blogging bandwagon.  I really appreciate all the encouragement to bet back on my blog.  So here we go....