Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Splish Splash

Luke loves bath time, he has just discovered how to splash. Now it is a splashing contest between Caleb and Luke. I think this maybe one of Luke's last baths in the sink. He is growing up so fast.


Suzanne said...

your little guys are adorable too!! How old is luke? Jaxon had his last bath in the sink not too long ago too! Merry Christmas

Jenn said...

He is just sooo big!! Did Caleb get his birthday/Christmas present yet? Give them big Christmas kisses from us!!

Amber said...

Jenn ~

We haven't seen a package yet…… you remember how long the banana boat takes to get up here.

Did you get our package yet?

Hope you having a great trip!

Love and Christmas cookies,

Jenn said...

Hey girl...
We are here at mom and dad's house and having fun...I'm on my way to take the girls to the park and then off to take Grace to Little Rock to spend the night with her Aunt Jess....lots of shopping!!
Big kisses to the boys!

Jenn said...

Okay, how was ya'll's christmas? The girls LOVED their package! Thanks for thinking of them. I want to see pictures!! Oh, and I want to hear details about the "big wedding" tomorrow!!