Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Sledding Again

We went sledding again! This time we decided to head up to our favorite spot Hatcher's Pass. We went with Aunt Stacey, Autumn and Shaphan, they took care of Caleb. It got a little to cold for Luke so we ended up watching from the truck.

Caleb went on the sled by himself and as he says, "I went far!"


Suzanne said...

That looks so fun!

Jenn said...

What? You took to child to the truck because it got too cold? Come on, mom! he he he...Hope you are enjoying the snow for was 77 here on Sunday and we are going to take the girls to San Antonio in a few weeks to go to Sea World....I'm hoping for at least 85 degree weather down there!
I miss you!!

jessi said...

Hey Miss Amber,

Looking good in the is warm in San Antonio, Texas. We were pushing yesterday and had V-day dinner on our porch!

I miss a little snow now and again! I would even settle for some rain!