Sunday, March 26, 2006

Happy Birthday Stacey!

Happy Twenty ninth!!! We will list 29 things we love about you!

  1. You're faithful
  2. You're patient
  3. You're always up for an adventure
  4. You're a great aunt
  5. You're a great sister
  6. You're a great friend
  7. You're so creative
  8. You're beautiful
  9. You buy great toys
  10. You are great at helping us get organized
  11. You're a great baker
  12. You make the best forts
  13. You're always willing to help
  14. You love to play in the snow
  15. You make great leftovers
  16. You pick great chick flicks
  17. You bake the best oatmeal with everything cookie
  18. You are the best to shop with
  19. You can redecorate like nothing
  20. You have a funny/cute voice when you are trying to get something.
  21. You're a thoughtful gift giver
  22. You save my tail about once a day
  23. You imaginary play better than any three year old
  24. You are so fun
  25. You are loyal
  26. You're a great listener
  27. You can make anything fit in a tortilla
  28. You enjoy the finer things in life
  29. You love us as much as we love you!