Friday, August 04, 2006


Caleb finished his session of vacation bible school. He had a great time, he came home with lots of crafts and learned lots of new bible song. His favorite song is the Hip Hip Hippopotamus song! He received a bible for bringing the most friends in his class. On the last day he was pretty tuckered so he said, "Mom, I'm a little tired... maybe I should not go to PBS today!" Ah, but mom became very accustom to having Caleb in school from 9:30 to 12.


suburban mom said...

Yup, kids going to school from 9 to noon every day is very good for mom :)

akscotts said...

riley and kinley love the hippopotomus song too!! but i cant'remember how it goes, so we just end up singing the hip, hip hippopotomus part:)

Anonymous said...

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