Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Boys at the cabin for the first time.

The boys loved the cabin. The snowmachine ride put Luke to sleep. They loved playing in the snow making snow angels. Inside the cabin they explored everything, then ran from one end of the cabin to the other, and topped it all off with jumping on the beds!

As Caleb said "The cabin is the BEST!" On the way home Luke just kept saying "Happy, happy, happy!"


Jenn said...

Okay, I check your page everyday...yes, I have no life, and these pictures just showed up today (it's Tues. Feb. 6th)...either my computer is messed up or your time stamp is messed up. Let's blame it on my computer...either way, I'm sooooo glad to see the pictures of the cabin. I went and looked at them online afer we talked on the phone, but your pics with the kids are so much better!!
Now I can't wait to come and visit...we'll just all have to go and stay at the cabin. I can't believe that I have friends that have "a cabin" ....ya'll are our new "rich" friends...he he he. We are sooo "rich" because you are our friends for sure!!
Hope everyone is feeling great!!
Much love and cabin life,

akscotts said...

Cool guys! Where is your cabin at? I looks like on a river! A river with big kings! Happy for you all, I would guess you could rent out your place in town in the summer now, Jarett will be either on the slope or at the cabin!
Take care guys!