Thursday, November 08, 2007

Caleb Lost His First Tooth

This evening we were at church and singing a song when Caleb tugged on my pant leg to show me his his hand. Yes, you guessed it he lost his first tooth. He is only four okay five next month but still my boy is growing up.

So here is Caleb's version of the story. "Mom, I was just wiggling my tooth like I always do then we started singing and I chopped down and cracked my tooth. So I felt it and then I yanked it out. There was only a little bit of blood. I am SOOOOO excited. Do you think the tooth fairy will leave me some shiny quarters? Can we write a letter to dad and tell him.... because that's what you do when you want to tell someone news you write them a letter. Can we go home so I can go to sleep and put this under my pillow???"
They grow up so fast!
Love and shiny new quarters and teeth,


Jenn said...

Yippe for Caleb!! Grace lost her first tooth when she was 4, too....our BIG kids, what can you do with them? Be prepared...Grace has lost 6 teeth already!!! The tooth fairy might need to go to the bank this week!!!!

akscotts said...

oh my goodness - riley just lost his first tooth last week - caleb is kinley's age!!!! i can't believe how big caleb is - love ya

Jenn said...

Okay, new updates and pictures, please!! The boys are going to be grown, if I don't beg!!! Hope that your holidays are merry and bright!! Love ya'll