Sunday, December 16, 2007

Colony Christmas 2007

We went to the Colony Christmas Parade. It was a chilly evening but fun was had by all. We got to take our friends David and Abby. Not sure I would be able to handle five kids.... but with grandma's help we can do anything.
After the parade we went out and laid on the grass by the libary and watched the fireworks. I really don't think my children will ever lay in the grass in December in Alaska to watch the fireworks agian
Love, parades, and candy,


Jenn said...

Okay, this is my favorite picture of you! I love it...parades, candy and being a mom! Nothing better!! Well, being inside with hot cocoa could be a little better, I guess!!

akscotts said...

amber - you look great!! it's wonderful to see pics of you guys.

Jessi said...

Miss your updates!