Monday, March 03, 2008

PJ's and the Boys!

This is what you see around our house around 7pm. Pretty cute in my humble opinion.
Baby Eli is 6 1/2 months now. He is doing the army crawl and getting around exceptionally well.
Love and soon to be sleeping babies,


Jessi said...

Hey! I just loved the shopping trip stuff...seriously that is a big challenge with three boys!

I just took a bunch of pictures documenting our first serious road trip! 12 hours to Albuquerque to visit my dad. I only had two of the boys! It was fun and I am sure it will be a great memory when I get back home...if only I had a dvd player for the car!


Jill said...

Amber, so fun to see you and your family! I got to your blog from sherry's blog, I added you to my blog page so I can keep up on your family! Jill

Casey said...

Your family is soooo cute Amber!!!!!

momof3fromcali said...

hey Dude~
Whats going on?
Are you a busy momma or what?
Gotta love having 3 kids and running in 6 directions at once!
Love and crazyness~

Jenn said...

Okay dude!! Where is my friend and what have you done with her?? Would love to see some new pictures of the kids and ya'll! How are YOU?????
Much love,