Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Chuckie Cheese's

The boys have a great reward system... when we witness them doing positive things around the house they get a bean in the jar and when the manson jar is filled to the top with pinto "reward" beans they get to go to Chucky Cheese's . They filled the jar so we went and a great time was had by all! Gotta love those tickets! Caleb loved skeet ball and Luke enjoyed the Bob the Builder ride.


Jessi said...

Hey Amber!

Just saying hello! My boys favorite place is Chuckie Cheese, thankfully they believe that only Grandpa (my dad) can take them is only a grandpa place they tell me!

I love that reward system, I totally am going to steal it!

Is your mom living there now? I hope all is well! e-mail me and let me know what is going on!

My e-mails on my blog!

Anonymous said...

Hi Am,

Glad to see new pictures. Can't wait to see you guy's in July. The boy's are growing so fast. What a good reward system you hav going. Look's like Jarrett was into it also. I'm anxious to see your Mom next week.

Give the boy's a hug and kiss from me and tell Jarret hello!!!

Love you all!!! Aunt Sharon