Friday, July 04, 2008

Fourth of July 2008

We had a great Fourth of July. We started off with a good old fashion parade, all the kids care about is gathering candy. Actually they do a good job of waving and putting their hands over their hearts when they see a flag. We met up with our friend Meg and her two boys so it was fun wrangling the crew.
After the parade we went to a church BBQ it was fun and the boys had their first experience in a super cub. Our friend Jay was great and explained all the goodies in the cockpit to them. We got to love our independence....
Love and free candy,


Toni Owens (Toni33et) said...

Hey there, aren't you a bit behind here? :D Fourth of July?? What about Halloween or is it too dark up there for any festivities.

Love and how about an e-mail every once in awhile??


momof3fromcali said...

So happy to see an update on your family! KEEP IT UP MY FRIEND, we love knowing what is going on in your life! Your boys are growing lots! We miss you guys!

Jenn said...

Hey....where have you been??
Missing my Alaska friend,
Jenn :)

googler said...
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