Sunday, May 03, 2009

1st Coastal Ride of the Season

SO we went on our first ride on the Coastal Trail and boy was it an adventure.  Caleb is getting pretty good on his bike without training wheels. This was his first trip where he was learning to share the trail and control his bike.    All was going well until we got to the lagoon and there was a little traffic and Caleb flew over the edge and drove right into the lagoon.  He froze and couldn't put his brakes on.  I was no help at all because once I saw he was fine I couldn't move due to the fit of laughter.  Caleb came running out of that freezing water like a school of piranhas were after him.  He was in great spirits and continued ten more miles.  He was wet all the way up to his neck..  What a sport, he has a great talent to just laugh at his mistakes.  I still chuckle when I think of the water pouring out of his handlebars, seaweed stuff wrapped around his tires, his shoes squirting water like a sprinkler... yeah that's our boy!!

Love and wet kids,

Luke and Eli just watching the entrainment.

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