Monday, May 24, 2010

First Trip Butte Trip 2010

We made our annual beginning of the summer pilgrimage up the Butte. The boys are getting so big they practically run up the trail.... except for Eli who claims his leg hut if he wants more than 50 yards. So I guess I am not quite ready to retire the big blue Kelty yet. I can't imagine the day.....

Eli is the little speck on the top left. Caleb is trying to look as if he has the mountain in his hands and Luke is just being feisty.

I had the boys convinced that if they all put their hands on the marker at the same time that they would release "the force" .... Yes, Star Wars is going strong at our house right now!


franz said...

beautiful photgraphy!

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, The Force go with you guys.

Excellent photo.

I have cousins that moved to Alaska a few years ago. They love it, especially the boys.

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