Monday, April 29, 2019

Bye Bye Braces!

Luke's braces are now officially off.   

Luke would go into his orthodontist, sign in, have his appointment and return with his next scheduled appointment.... always cool as a cucumber... handling it all by himself.  I guess that why I didn't realize two years had passed so fast and now his braces would be removed.  

Of course I wish I would have hounded him better about brushing, not eating sticky candy or popcorn... but it seems our orthodontic crisis was averted and we came through it with beautiful straight teeth.  

He is enjoying having this braces off but will slightly miss the opportunity to spurt water ever ridiculously far by the space in his front teeth.  

Found it very thoughtful that his orthodontist office gave him balloons that said "I got my braces off today!" and a bag of all the yummy stuff he was suppose to not be eating when he had braces.   

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