Wednesday, November 23, 2005


Just wanted to write down a few memories I have of my
I remember the way she would shuffle through her house in the morning
I remember her always having a big Christmas tree in here picture window
I remeber her house filled to capacity with presents and family on the holidays
She enjoyed Tab Soda
She loved the shopping channel
Drank hot tea in the morning
Loved the town on Burney
Love to go to Parnell's Clothing Store
I remember meeting her for lunch when she worked at Merril Norman
I remember how she would call the couch a davenport
I remember playing on her excerise bike
I remember how she liked to read the Star
I remember her family members in Montana speaking very highly of her calling her a Norwegian Princess
I remember many people speaking of how she took care of others
I remember her having her hair set
I remember her makeup always on
I remeber how as a child, I always wanted to check out her bedroom
I remember how each of her 8 children loving referred to her as mom
And how her grandchildren grammy
Although it has been a time since I saw her, I will miss her just the same.


Anonymous said...

I remember her little green house on the hill. We never used the front door always the door through her back porch. She had a little kitchen with a big wood burning cook stove, she was the best cook.
We always went to visit her on Sundays after church.She had a cellar to store her vegetables that she had grown in her garden. She had no plumbing in her house so I got introduced to an outhouse. What a scarey place when you had to use it at night, with flashlight in hand. She had no doors on her closet or bedroom just hanging curtains. No t.v. or stereo. I just got the pleasure of hearing stories about the family. And when she didn't want me to know what she said she would speak in german. The most special thoughts of grandma are that she loved unconditonally. She has been gone many years now but she made such a impression on my life. How fortunate I was to have a wonderful grandmother so I know what I can do for my grandchildren.

Thanks Amber for refreshing my memories.
Love, Linda

Jenn said...

Grandmas are wonderful!