Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Yams anyone?

As you can see Luke loves yams! What a cutie! Go ahead zoom in on the photo so you can see the little patch of yams on his ear, or the drool that spills out of his mouth in eager anticipation, or the pleasant gift of yams on my sweater. He devours everything, we haven't found a food he doesn't like yet.

Ole' man winter still has us in his clutches. It has been below zero for a few days, currently -13.

Love and 15 inches of snow,


Toni said...

Hi Am,
I'm keeping up with your life by reading your blog. Speaking of snow, we had quite a bit on Monday at school. Alice told Mr. Grady, who wasn't there, that the roads were clear. (THEY WEREN'T!) Alice really has the bit in her teeth. Well, I called him and said I didn't care what Alice said, I was leaving. So he called school at 1:30. Way too late for safety ala Harborg (just that name makes me sick.) I'll send you an invite to view going home pictures from my flickr. site. Probably looks paltry compared to what you guys have, but you know how I feel about snow! Miss you bunches. Toni

jessi said...

Hey Am!

Guess you are going to have a mother/daughter post here...Mom and I are going to call you over Christmas break!

Your kids are CUTE! That is the biggest snowman ever...

I was sorry to hear about your grandmother...I hope you are doing ok...I really suck at saying the right thing in situations like this! But I said a prayer for you and your family!

Love ya,

Amber said...

Mother and daughter, you two are so sweet!

Love and memories,

Jenn said...

Luke is just getting so big! Hope ya'll are enjoying having daddy home while it's so cold outside!! Don't keep each other too warm or you might get another yam lover!!!
Miss you,

K said...

What a little hottie he is. He really has learned how to turn that little grin on quite well. I woudln't have even noticed the yams everywhere or the drool had you not pointed it out.

Anonymous said...

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