Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Busy Boys

The boys have been busy. Luke loves to crawl up on Caleb's bed and read books. Bob the Builder is his favorite right now.

Caleb can not get enough of swords. He came out and was so proud of his sword holders.


cilee said...

I just wanted to stop in on your site as well and just join the circle.

You have a beautiful family.

Jenn said...

Luke just looks sooo big sitting there reading the book!! Has Sawyer been playing swords with Caleb again? It looks like he has the same love of them as Sawyer...better look out!! he he he
Jakes' site looks super...you are doing such a great job!!!

akscotts said...

amber, thank you for doing the blog on jake. i just love how you write things - it's so funny - i can just hear you saying it:)
boy - caleb is getting big!!! the other day (after riley had seen caleb's picture) he asked me 'how old is caleb?'