Monday, September 18, 2006

Karate and Crazy Hair

Caleb stated his Karate class today. It is a half hour of Karate then a half hour of gymnastics. He really enjoyed the class. His buddy Maggie is in the class to so they have a great time.

Luke's hair continues to grow. We just can't bring ourselves to cut our baby's hair. How long do you think we should wait?


Jake said...

Caleb I just wanted to say Hi-ya, or however you might spell that. I know you are doing great with your karate. Luke's hair is so funny. we love seeing you at the hospital, but we are going to a ballgame tonight. Grandad and I got to the field at 7:15 to set up our chairs in our special spot.
Love you Ant

Jenn said...

Caleb just looks so very big in that Karate outfit. Wait, he is big, I forgot for a moment that we both have giant kids!! I love Luke's hair, but I'm sure that Susannah will want it cut before their wedding!!
Love ya'll!!

Toni said...

When people think he's a girl. THAT'S the time to cut it! :)