Thursday, July 05, 2007

Photographer or Song Leader???

Today Caleb led his first song at church. After much consideration he chose "Jesus Loves Me".
We practiced at home and it was a very entertaining process. Each time before he sang he would clear his voice, then he would change the number of the song, and sometimes he would just create his own version of the song. He even grabbed his guitar to spice things up. It is hard to harness such a creative performer :)
But I am glad to report that he did a great job. He felt like a big boy doing such an important job.


Jake said...

Great job Caleb, you have such a great singing voice
love you lots

Jenn said...

WOW!! Caleb you look like such a big guy up there leading singing! We are so proud of you!! Keep it up, you will be up there on Sunday morning before we know it!!
The Greens

akscotts said...

riley and kinley were looking at all the pictures of your kiddos and riley said "man, he (caleb) is big! caleb looks like a 7 year old" - and he said that we could say that to his mom and she could say it to caleb:) that is wonderful that he's leading singing - way to go caleb!
riley and kinley :)