Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Caleb's First Picture

This is Caleb's first photo. Julie was recently visiting and said " Oh, I wish we could get a photo of the two of us......" So I thought Caleb can do it, we showed him how then posed. He took the picture and when I asked him if he got the two of us he said, "Yep!" So you can image the chuckle we got when we reviewed the picture. Yes, he did get us but only our bellies!!! So I guess everyone get to see the 8 month prego belly!

Love and new photographers,


Jenn said...

I love it...you look so incredibly cute (and healthy). What a great mom you are to all 3 of your boys! I forgot to ask on the phone yesterday...names? Are we going to have another Parker or does the hubby like my suggestion of Shooter?
Love and baby names,

akscotts said...

amber, you look so cute!!

Casey said...

Caleb you did a good job!! You made sure you got everyone in the pic. Including your baby brother!!

Cody, Meg, Wyatt, Isaac & Ruckus said...

What a beautiful baby belly! I'm so glad we got to talk today. We're thinking of you often.