Saturday, June 27, 2009

Mt Baldy ~ Eagle River

We were looking for an easy new hike we haven't done yet.  SO we settled on Mt. Baldy.  It was listed as easy and only 1.5 miles each way... I guess that would be if I didn't misled my family and we end up bushwacking our way up the side of the mountain.  It was very steep.  The boys were troopers though....  Jarrett, what a dad, he hauled Eli all the way up and back.  I think it is just good training for sheep season!  Next time Jarrett better read the directions.

Love and directionally challenged,


Jill said...

so glad you have entered back into blog land!:) love all your new posts - the pictures are so beautiful...what a awesome place you live - except for the cold!:)

Rachel said...

Hey Amber- you Tri pro!!! I just stumbled upon your blog off of Sarah's! Yeah, new fun reading material for me. Hope to run into you sometime soon. Hope school is going well!

Jenn said...

I think that we do need to plan a trip to visit all of our AK friends!! How are things going? I think you need a blog update so that I can see some pics of the boys and all of their massive growing!!!
Love ya'll!