Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sikta Part II ~ Tom Young's Cabin

Sheldon and Meggan set up a great camping trip for all of us after their wedding.  We took their new  boat out to a cabin to stay a few days.    The cabin couldn't have been more picturesque.  On an island with a white sand beach, hot springs right around the corner, tide pools, and a net & buoy playground.  

As we arrived at the cabin there was a note from the wife of the man who the cabin was built to memorialize.  It simple said that they were there on Memorial Day and their dog had run away and would not return.  The dog had been on the island for an extend time and would not come to any one.  Apparently this cabin is used almost everyday and there is no shortage of food for "Anchor" the dog.    So the challenge was to try and catch Anchor.  Caleb was playing catch with him and Heather had him eating out of her lap but he was still elusive.  Anyway he was very healthy and still sported his harness and collar.  I found the most interesting part was that his master had died  very close to that area in a storm.  

The last night we stayed Anchor proved himself very valuable as he alerted us with his barks that there was a brown bear right outside the door.  You never sleep quite as soundly after you find out there is a bear just outside!

I had great time at the hot springs, once "Meggan the Wonderful" ( wow did Sheldon really score!) fixed the water for the hot springs.    The tide pools were great with small fish, crayfish, small crabs, hermit crabs, star fish, and so much more.  Super cool!!

If you ever get a chance to go to Sitka don't pass it up,

Love and cool cabins,

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