Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Fall Ride

Do you love this photo???? Caleb and his HUGE gloves and his walking stick. Luke is in between Jarrett and I if you didn't see him he is in camo... hee hee.

Fall is really setting in here, so we decide to take one of our favorite rides around the lake yesterday with the boys! It was gorgeous . We rode about 25 miles and got to see some sheep and black bears. The boys were such troopers. Luke's hat kept slipping down over his eyes, he would kind of grunt and we would have to readjust. He fell asleep in my sweatshirt on the way home. It was sweet, he won't be fitting in there much longer. With my new schedule Jarrett and I have an extra day off together in the middle of the week, it should be fun.

Yesterday, Caleb got in trouble at the gym for fist fighting with another child. I hope this isn't an insight of what is to come with this bruiser! Caleb just said the boy pushed him so he had to push him back! We talked about using our words not our hands but I think it fell on deaf ears! Hmmm.

Jarrett got rear ended in the Volvo, it wasn't to bad, but now we have to deal with all the insurance stuff, what a pain. Just a little testimony to the volvo, it held up really well....Jarrett did too!

Love and new bumpers,


Jenn said...

I'm glad to hear that Caleb got in trouble at the gym, too! Maybe it was the same babysitter that always got Grace! :) It looks so nice and cool there! I'm so glad ya'll are enjoying your extra day off! You can't kill a Volvo, right? Glad that your hubby is okay. Big kisses to the boys. We bought a dual DVD player set for the car and the trip to NM in a month!!!

philwarner84577361 said...
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suburban mom said...

oh my gosh - those are beautiful!!!

Jessi said...

You guys are so adventureous! I love it! A few fights won't hurt him...way to be a good parent though!

Ohhh...a deleted post...I wonder what it said...was it something mean. I will beat them up...I mean use my words.

I miss you. I am so glad you have this blog so we can keep in touch!

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