Thursday, September 29, 2005

Jesus Birthday

Caleb has been fixated on his birthday for the last month, trying to decide what type of party he wants. So when we heard him shouting from the back seat "I want this kind of birthday" we thought it was a Buzz birthday, but to our surprise he was pointing to a picture of the crucifixion of Christ in his little kid bible. We explained the picture and he then said, "I want a Jesus birthday! With the hats (crown of thorns) and spears!" WoW to have a two year olds perspective.

Like the picture Caleb wanted Lukey to ride on his shoulders just like he does on dads. As you can see they are listing to the left, Yep, they tipped over one second after this photo, but dad saved the day and caught Luke.

Luke is now babbling and Jarrett is trying to get him to say da da! Luke is also trying very hard to crawl. He has all the motions but can't seem to get that 21 pound body off the ground!

We had dinner with a new friend tonight, she has a 2 month old little boy, he is very cute. I think Caleb scared her a little, you know the thought of having a two year old running around the house can be a little overwhelming.

Love and snoozes,

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Sonya said...

We just celebrated two birthdays Julie 25 and JR 22 -how quick it happens love and many special moments