Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Keep it Real

Okay in an effort to keep my blog real and not just post all our rosy moments I am swallowing my pride and sharing this funny story about my first day back at school.

Today in 5th period I was introducing myself to a boy on my caseload, he is in a wheelchair so being the ever conscientious teacher I crouch down to his level and you guessed it my brand new pants split right down the backside! They weren't even tight.... Luckily I was at the back of the class and able to shimmy against the wall to grab my coat and tie it around my waist and get on with teaching! Can you believe my life????? So do I take them back? Do I have the guts to show the skinny little teeny bopper at the Gap how I blew out the back of my pants? Oh, who cares I'll never see them again...... Like I said they weren't tight........ It was a flaw in the fabric or cheap fabric ..... Yes, all these thoughts make me feel better.

Then 6th period Caleb and Luke had to join me. Caleb was so cute acting like he was in school he sat right down and started doing his homework. He even answered some questions for M & M's. He was talking all the kids ears off! What a chatter box. Then the lady from the student store let him choose any candy he wanted. He is spoiled. All the aides where taking turns holding Luke, he loved it, he was smiling the whole time.

Love and First day fiascos,


Jenn said...

Hey, what is life without split pants stories? Keep it up girl!!

suburban mom said...

Oh no! definitely take them back.

Jessi said...

One time I wore 2 different shoes during my first year teaching...almost the same, but not quite and different color...I was mortified. I couldn't even confess that for a long time...No worries...I am sure you are a skinny mini just like always...mom is moving in June.


michael said...

hi aunt am i love you i would like to play with caleb my first day at school was better than yours im in first grade my friend ben stayed the night we went to burger king for dinner love you michael