Saturday, June 16, 2007

Hatcher's Pass

My friend Casey and I went to Hatcher's pass to get the boys out for a while. It was beautiful and a good workout walking the trails. Luke was, as usual, loving getting his photo taken. Caleb was of exploring everything. Busy boys!

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Jenn said...

Okay, my computer must be WAY messed up again because I checked your blog on Friday and there were no updates (you last was in May, I think) and then today I get on and there are tons of pictures!! I think I must need to empty the cashe on the must be storing cookies again or something like that (those are Aaron terms...I really have NO idea what they mean!) I love all the pics though!! I'm glad to see the bunk bed and sad to see the Volvo going...are you going to get a Tahoe or big SUV or are you going to drive a mini-van? We readers want to know!!
How are you feeling...Aug. 10, still, right? Man, I sooo need to come up and see that newest little one. Isn't that just what you want after adding another person to your family...more company? He he he...Maybe next summer!
We heard about Maggie the famous Elephant...I know ya'll will miss her, I don't think the gal will like it away from Alaska...she'll get to California and realize that she loves AK afterall!! I also think that Caleb likes the MuskOx so much because his mommy does, too!! he he he
Off to play!
Love and big bellies (yours, NOT mine!),