Thursday, June 21, 2007

Memory Verse

Caleb received a prize from his teacher (Jake) for being the only kiddo to remember his memory verse in bible class. "For God made me." You can imagine my surprise, considering this super mom had no idea he even had a memory verse! With that being said... We are so proud of our little guy. Jake gave Caleb a little bag of candy and cars, when Luke saw his brother with candy he began to cry... he wanted a sucker... Caleb being the caring brother gave up his sucker to his brother... he said it was the nice thing to do.
So here is a picture of Caleb and his loot.. (Please note he had to wear his California shirt) And of course the camera can not be out without Luke wanting to get in on the action.
Love and memory verses,

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Jenn said...

Yeah Caleb!! Great at church the K class (Grace's class)had one verse a month and then right before promotion a few weeks ago, they all (15 of them) got in front of the whole church and said all 12 verses....It was pretty amazing, I know that I couldn't do it!
Keep up the GREAT work, Caleb. You are a child of God!!