Saturday, January 10, 2009

Learning something new in 2009!

So in an effort to keep my mind and body active I signed up for kayaking classes.  When you think of  kayaking in Alaska it generally isn't during the winter.  However, I  and my buddy who I drug along, are taking lessons in our local pool.  Last night was our first lesson and we learned a lot.... parts of the boat, paddling strokes, wet exits, and the T rescue.  So I look forward to learning and practicing more.

The kayaks are stored outside, so it was funny to have the instructor pulling out pieces of ice before telling me to jump in.   It was fun and I look forward to next week..... the eskimo roll!

Love & frozen kayaks,


momof3fromcali said...

That is awesome! You are so cool!

J said...

I wish I was taking classes with you! We need to escape to Fox Island in Seward for a girls Kayak bash.