Sunday, January 11, 2009

Summer Memories

So when it is so chilly out I have to remind myself of the times when it was warmer.  Since I took a six month break I have lots to back blog, so I will begin with a summer trip to the cabin.  It was great.  Super fun!!  I was so excited that our kids would have some of the same fun lake memories I have from growing up.  We stayed a week and just hung out, ate, fished, water skied, jet skied, knee boarded, and enjoyed the sandy beach.

I also had to post this for my friend Jill who lives in Florida and asked.... Do you have to wear winter clothes all the time? Well, Jill,  not quite all the time but we pretty much wear layers all the time.   I go to her blog for my summer fix. 

Our cabin neighbors are the best they have all the toys and love to share.  Better yet, they love to teach others how to have fun.  That's how Caleb (5) learned to water ski and knee board.  Caleb and Luke(3) both loved to ride the "Stable Mable"  behind the water ski.  

I loved the day that Luke fell asleep on the beach, he was just laying there playing then next thing we knew he was asleep with sand stuck to his face.   Eli (11 months) would fall asleep, we took the pack and play, he would nap.  It was a great restful week.

Love and warm sandy beaches,

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Jill said...

That looks like fun and glad to see you all have shorts!!:)