Sunday, January 11, 2009

I've been tagged.

I've been tagged by my fried Jill, I think that I have to post the fourth picture in my fourth folder.  Haven't done one of these before so here it goes!

hee... hee... this is photo of my wonderful husband and one of his black bears.  Pretty funny.  This black bear now presides in our living room.  You have to love taxidermy.

I tag Jen, Tanya, & Jolene.

Love and hunting husbands, 


Jill said...

that is a great picture!!! Derek would like to have that in his room!

Tami said...

this is Jill's friend from FL who tagged Jill before she tagged you. Love this pic! I was hoping to find something more exciting in my 4th folder, 4th pic!

momof3fromcali said...

Dude, your photo of your man is awesome! I wished I had a cool photo to post. :)

Jenn said...

I love it!! So proud of you and all your posts...putting the rest of us to shame!!

akscotts said...

wow!!! amber - that is quite an amazing amount of blogging!!! that's more than i think you did all year:)lol. it's great to have you blogging again. i have been busy trying to get the house sold and ready to move that i have been lazy about blogging myself. love ya, and love your blogs:)