Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Coastal Trail

Today Sarah and I rode the coastal trail with the kids. This is a fun trip for the kids we ride a while then we stop at a bunch of different parks the kids get to play and pee in the bushes:) Then Sarah taught me this new technique ... Luring the kids back to the Chariot with M& M's. This new technique has a lot of potential. We saw a few moose on the trail including a mommy and her twins. They were pretty young and right on the trail. The above photo is a young moose checking out our friends archery target. Hee Hee

Tomorrow is my first trip ever to the chiropactors. It should be interesting.

Love and back crackers,


Sherry said...

M & M rewards is the way to get your kids to do anything! Right on sister! Cool bike set up too!

Jess said...

I would let you put me in that for m&m's too!

Anonymous said...

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