Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Getting Published, Again!

So after I got Caleb's photo into the book, I am feeling a little guilty that Luke doesn't have a claim to fame. But today the problem was soloved, his photo will be published in the quarterly magizine that Jarrett's company puts out. I thought this was a pretty cute picuture of the big guy, can you believe he is not quite four months yet!

Caleb had a playdate today, he had fun and I went to the chiropractor today. It was fine, I don't know what I was anxioius about. She is a great doc, she is up on all the new techniques and her office is very kid friendly which is really cool. Oh yeah, her receptionist is great too, it's Stacey.

Love & Snickers


Anonymous said...

What a cute grandson Luke is and famous too.

I am glad your visit to the bone doctor was good. I'm sure you must have gained and inch or so. You are tall Amber now.

I read you blogs everyday, thank you.

Grandma Linda (HI Caleb)

Jenn said...

Oh, Luke is just getting so big! And my oh my, he is just soooo handsome, just like his big brother Caleb!!
Miss you bunches, but I love reading your great stories!
Love and cruises in June,