Thursday, August 25, 2005


Jarrett is still on vacation so we have been spending a lot of time just hanging out at home. We went to the park just to get out for a little while. This was a new park we haven't been to, Caleb really liked it.

Then we walk over the river and threw sticks in the water, although it looks Jarrett is going to throw Caleb over! Hee Hee.... What is the fascination with throwing things in the water or spitting over the edge. It must be a boy thing.

We got the sheep meat back today we are going to try it tonight! At least we know it is totally organic.

Last night I was doing my running workout at 11:30 pm. The only reason I mustered up enough energy to do that is because I have to pay Stacey $10 if I don't workout. I am to tight to pay that girl a dime! It has motivated me like nothing else has!

Love and late night runs


Jessi said...

Keep it up! We started running at 8:00pm and it was still a little too hot for me...we are having a mini-heat wave in in Texas!

We are having to boot out week 2 and week 8 because our 5k is the first weekend of October, that gives us 6 weeks of training. We have been meeting friends at the track and that is is a 1/2 mile track so it is better than a 1/4 mile track!

My butt is sore...but I guess that means that it is working!


Amber said...

Good job Jess~
Keep up the hard work. It makes me feel better knowing your going through the same torture!

Love and 5K's

Jenn said...

Girl you are good!! There is this new video game for the x-box that is a fitness workout that is designed for your weight and height with menus and everything. I think I might try it....Aaron will always buy x-box games, right? Does that husband of yours ever work? he he he!!

Amber said...

Jenn ~

You know my husband would take off the whole hunting season if he could!

Aaron buy another game??? No way!

Love and funny hubbies

Jessi said...

Mom the house!


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