Saturday, August 27, 2005

State Fair

We went to the State Fair...The fair is a very big event this way as you can see to the left we dressed up special. We had a great time. We ate all the fair food we could and watched Caleb go on every kiddie ride twice.

Stacey signed Jarrett up for a homesteader event! He did great and was soaked after hauling buckets of water! We are already training for next year. Stacey too.

As you can see Caleb is considered one of Alaska's giants. Huge veggies this year. The weather is changing, summer is coming to an end this way, just as well if we have to go to school!

Love and changing leaves,


Jenn said...

Hi Caleb,
I'm your friend and your are my favorite boy friends. I miss you and I like your pictures. I have a new puppy. I pick up my puppy all the time.
I miss you,
Typed by her mommy

suburban mom said...

Cool photos! but for some reason the text isn't really showing up. But it looks like fun! :)

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work »