Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Accident Waiting to Happen!

Oh Caleb, I catch myself saying this a lot with this adventurous little boy! You know I am super mom, when my son is in this dangerous situation and I run for the camera!!

Love and crazy kids,


Jessi said...

Hey Ms. Amber!

Your kids are sooo cute. I always think that sleeping kids are the cutest.

Your mom has always been a good seamstress...my mom is too. Remember our costumes they used to make us. My mom always wanted me to be a bat. Maybe our son will want to be a bat and her dream will come true. The sewing thing skipped this generation as well. I still have pins on the bottom of my living room curtains...not good for babies.

Did you go to Redding for homecoming?


Jenn said...

Hey Super Mom,
Aaron just found out that he is off for the wedding! So, we are all going and it is going to be a BLAST!!!
Love and taking crazy pics,

suburban mom said...

you run for the camera -- that is too funny.

And isn't that funny how little boys love to sit in boxes???

Alexandra Wieckowski said...

Hehehe, too cute!!!!

Anonymous said...

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