Sunday, October 02, 2005

Help Mom

Hi Mom,

Could you please help.... We need a Christmas stocking for Luke. You made a great stocking for Caleb so I can't wait to see what you will come up with for Luke. You are such a great seamstress, I think that stuff skips generations. My sewing machine only gets used when you are here! Hee Hee. I have attached a photo and the measurements are length 19 1/4, width, 9 1/2, cuff 3 1/8. Would it be helpful if I traced it and sent the outline to you? Oh, yeah Stacey was wondering if you had time to make her one too? If you did she thinks she should have a star it. Does that girl think she is a star or what????

Love and stockingless grandson,


suburban mom said...

That's one of my goals for sometime in the next 5 years...learn to sew. Wouldn't that be cool? my mom is a master sewer, knitter, etc. but she did not pass the skill down to me.

What program are you starting? (school)

Kami said...

My mother makes the most beautiful stockings. SHe took over for my great grandmother, and I know it's going to stop with my mom, cause I can't do it!

Anonymous said...

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