Thursday, October 27, 2005


They boys and I have been very busy... we've been kayaking, riding moose, and wrestling ice worms. Never a dull moment around this place.

Caleb has finally decided he wants to be a fireman for Halloween. He seemed a little disappointed when we had to explain to him that fire fighters put out fires not start them.

Luke is totally devouring any food we put in front of him. He loves to eat! He takes after his parents!

Congrats! To Jenn you are going to have your hands full but if anyone could handle it it's you!!!

Love and Portage Glacier,


Jenn said...

WOW! You are such an active mom taking your kids kayaking at such a young age!! he he he
Okay, girl, now it's time for you to get on with know 3 is the old 2, right. he he he
Here's to big bellies and eating whatever I want for 9 months!

Jenn said...

Hey...yes, I'm commenting again, but I think I figured out how to do the on my name and see if it works!!!

Jessi said...

Hey! What a good mom you are...I can't believe you were in New Mexico...pretty soon you can visit my dad there...he is moving to Albequerque in December... random ... it is the only city I seriously cannot spell!

Anonymous said...

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