Saturday, October 01, 2005


Caleb woke up this morning as was insistent that we go to the zoo. So he called his aunt and we all headed in. It was a great day and it was nice to be out in the cool crisp weather. I really am enjoying fall. There is a lot of remodeling going on at the zoo. The are making a treadmill for Maggie the elephant. Caleb had a great time made a few friends and Luke snoozed.

Love and cotton candy,

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Anonymous said...

Hello to The Zoo Crew,

I am glad the Zoo is getting a treadmill for Maggie. I am studying elephants with the 2nd graders at school. I found out a little fact about cold weather and elephants. They get stomachaches in cold weather. Maybe they need an elephant heating pad for Maggie.
(Us teachers and our facts.)

Love and kisses to the cotton candy boy and snoozey.

Love Grandma