Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Caleb's 1st Ice Skating Experience

Caleb has been talking about ice skating since my mom took him out on the puddle last year. He puts on his skates and walks around the living room pretending to skate. So we decided to give it a try.

We went to the sports complex it was great! It took Jarrett and Caleb 30 minutes to get around the rink twice. By then Caleb was pooped. He fell quite a few times but was a very good sport. Next time I will actually get a picture where you can see Caleb on the ice! You think I would get this down!

Love and hockey pads,


Jenn said...

Okay, all the sudden you have like 4 things posted in one day...My computer must be off or something!! It sounds like you have a little hockey star in your family. Do we need to start a hockey fund instead of birthday/christmas presents? I hear it is wallet draining!!! I am so glad that Jarrett got home and ya'll have been having lots of fun with the boys!!
Off to ballett class!

K said...

You blogged! Finally!

Thats hilarious about Calebs shirt on backwords. Its so funny how he gets excited like that.

I bet he could be a great hockey player.

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