Monday, January 09, 2006

H 2 Oasis ~ A Slice of Summer

So that's my guy hanging from the bar, I'm sure it is against the rules and dangerous......perfect as far as Caleb is concerned.

We enjoyed a little delicious slice of summer today. We went to the indoor water park and enjoyed 85 degree weather in our swimsuits. It was pure joy! Caleb went down every slide even the "big" one.

Luke was such a trooper he really enjoyed helping me take pictures and hanging in the pool.

Love and Alaskan winters,


Jenn said...

It looks like Caleb had so much fun...he does love those slides...time to break in Luke on the sides soon, eh? he he he


Jessi said...

You are such a cool mom!

Hey you are tagged on my blog...check out the Jan. 13, entry..called "I am Finally Tagged!"


Suzanne said...

That water park looks soo fun!! I'm glad you all enjoyed it!

Anonymous said...

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