Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Well, we had a few things get hurt around here! First, Luke took his first fall and hit the sharp corner of the banister, he ended up with a scratch on his eyelid and his cheek.

Then my plant got hurt pretty bad by Caleb and that darn sword. He told me not to worry, that Santa would bring me a new plant at Christmas!

What am I going to do with these guys?
Love and busy boys,


K said...

Hey, love your new template!

Jenn said...

That poor plant! Maybe I should just stick with girls, eh? No sonogram this week...we are going to wait until Valentines Day. I'll be 20 weeks and we will be able to see for sure, since I'm measuring so small. I love the new template....I've tried to comment 3 days in a row and my internet has been a pain so lets hope today works! I hear that ya'll are in for mucho snow!!
Much love and snowmen,

Anonymous said...

You have some great looking boys! They look like they take after their dad.

Amber said...

Yeah, my boys dad is great looking and pretty clever too!

Love and anonymous comments,

Anonymous said...

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