Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The boys in California

I think this is the sweetest photo of Luke, he went into the garage and put on papa's hat and just hung out. Just like papa would have. Cherished memories.

The boys loved visiting Great Grandma Gladys and her bird Timmy.

The boys enjoyed the California sunshine. It was hard to keep them out of the water.


Anonymous said...

Amber you have such a beautiful loving family! Casey

Cody, Meg, Wyatt, Isaac & Ruckus said...

What darling boys. We miss our little friends :( Always, Meg

Kiana said...

Wow, I love how the ivy has crawled all over the side of that house.

Jenn said...

How cute with the hat, Luke is!! They loved playing in the pool....what is it with kids in water? What am I saying? I love being in the pool too! Glad that the boys enjoyed their time with all the family....Maybe you should get a pool!!! You know when you win the lottery and have all that money to spend!! he he he