Saturday, April 28, 2007

Heart Run 2007

This was our fourth heart run. And RUN Caleb did... it is amazing what the spirit of competition can do. Good thing Aunt Stacey was there to keep a close eye on him.

Love and dead batteries in the camera,


Jenn said...

Yeah for Caleb!! What a big guy you have, Amber....I haven't quite gotten back into the running thing outside of the gym again, but I can beat anyone on a crosstrainer in the gym!!! I heard that Ant is taking Miah to Searcy....don't you want to jump in her suitcase?
It's raining here so no softball tonight so I'm going to call after I get the kids to bed!!
Love and I LOVE the rain for raining out softball!!!!

Cody, Meg, Wyatt, Isaac & Ruckus said...

This made me so sad Amber...I'm glad you guys had fun but I wish I could have been there. Who knew that this year YOU would be the preg one running/walking/or whatever it is we do when we are full of baby! I miss you guys. Meg