Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Butte ~ You Find Out Who Your Friends Are....

Autumn and Shaphan invited us to hike the Butte with them. You can imagine the break neck speed with a 6 1/2 month pregnant lady! Caleb is a natural trail blazer, he self appointed himself to be in charge of everyone and lead the way. He also chose a special walking stick for everyone as well.

We all had a great time except the wind was ripping at the top blowing dust everywhere, thus the nasty dirt grim on everyone.

When we got to the bottom I realized I was missing my jacket that had my phone and keys. Autumn and Shaphan ran all the way back up to the top and retrieved my lost jacket for me. What great friends.... it doesn't end there, then they topped it all off with bring the boys and me dinner. What sweet hearts!

Love, dirt in your teeth, and great friends,


Casey said...

That's so funny, because I tried hiking up their when I was about 5 months preggers with Marty and Kiana and I only made it about 15 minutes, so you go girl!!!!!

Kiana said...

I love that picture of Shaphan and Autumn, it's amazing how cute they look with all that dirt on their faces!

I could never get away with that.

Jenn said...

Shaph and Autumn are the best!! Who could ask for better help then the two of them when you are in a pinch? They are amazing and they need to plan a trip to Texas and bring all of ya'll.