Saturday, April 07, 2007

Happy 2nd Birthday Luke!

Luke celebrated his second birthday. The theme was Cars since he loves playing with cars and trucks. Now that Luke is two he is speaking a lot. He knows all his animals and the sound they make. The Musk Ox is his favorite. He knows all his body parts and loves to name them. He loves to eat anything sweet. His standard answer to any question is "No". He loves to play with his brother and will often put up his fists and ask "Do you want a piece of me?" He is 36 1/2 inches and weighs 34.8 pounds. We love every ounce.


Kiana said...

Thats my boy, I just love him so much.

This Sunday I asked if daddy was here and he said "no" so then I asked if mommy was here and again he said "no". haha Margaret asked him how he got to church and he turned around and ignored her. Bet it was because she asked a non yes or no question. haha

Jenn said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEET LUKE!! It seems like yesterday that we were holding that sweet little boy in our arms and cooing over him. Now he is running around and driving cars. Oh wait, those aren't REAL cars and he isn't 16, yet. Of course, it is just around the corner for both of us, eh? He sounds like such a sweetie...just like his mama!! How about some more party pics? :) Hope you are feeling great!!

Casey said...

Look at those cute boys in that hot rod! Watching Luke open presents was so great! You have such a wonderful family Amber!

Jake said...

What a party, you boys were fun.

Love you bunches ant