Saturday, July 23, 2005


I was caught red handed! Not only was I caught but I was challenged by my husband to post the whole incident on my blog. He said I dare you to post this, so here it is.

Since I have had Luke I am a little chubbier than usual so I have been trying to slim down. I have just started a running program with Stacey that is called "From the couch to a 5K". I already messed it up when I was on vacation dip netting, so here I go again but of course I am waiting until Monday to start. With the excerise comes eating right, so we have been working on eating right, but for some reason I just can't shake the craving for sugar after a meal. This is where the CAUGHT part comes in .... Today after a healthy lunch I was talking to Jarrett while trying to conceal I was partaking in the last stash of sugar in the house. I knew he noticed, I thought he would let me pass but he didn't he asked what I was eating and I had to admit I was so desparate that I had a handful of chocolate chips. He laughed then told me to throw them away it was the first step.... You know they say the first step is the hardest and throwing away perfectly good chocolate chips was very difficult considering I was enjoying the sugar high!

So I think the key for me is to have all my meals planned out so I am using the krafts food website it is very helpful... we'll see. So here is my blog for the day not a cute story of the kiddos but the beginning of a huge challenge to myself and I guess the more people I tell about it the more commited I will be ....

Okay, honey I posted it!
Love & healthy lifestyles

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suburban mom said...

ha ha, that's funny. I've totally done the same thing. Devoured an entire package of chocolate chips.